Meet Summer, Meet Sincere You

Sometimes I just want somebody to chat.

iPhone iPad Mac

Do you have some words that can only be told to strangers?

Do you have some lonely nights that just want to talk to someone?

Do you ever open up some social apps and realize that you can’t say anything?

MeetSummer 🔆 is a clean tree hole chat app.

MeetSummer Interface: match feature, mbti, astrology

For the Introverts

Match with a stranger anonymously, no chat history, no pressure.

MBTI / Astrology Match

Help you find people on the same frequency.

MeetSummer Interface: match & chat

Instant Match

You will get a response in the moment.

Sincere Chat

You can only chat with one person at a time, which is not friendly to scumbags.

MeetSummer Interface: features & whispers

Clean & Pure

Pure text chat, no pictures or voice messages.


Fun features for you to discover.

MeetSummer Interface: report & dark mode


Machine and human double reporting mechanism, help you maintain a healthy and polite chat environment.

Dark Mode

Perfectly adapted to the dark color mode.

MeetSummer Interface: iCloud privacy & multiple platforms

Protect Privacy

All data transfers via iCloud, no third-party servers.

Multiple Platforms

Support iPhone iPad & Mac.

It’s really not a messy app. MeetSummer has a strict mechanism to maintain the environment, and it’s a very clean social app.

If you encounter rude people, please tap report without mercy, they will be automatically banned. I hope this little app can make you brave enough to try constantly, and finally help you find the summer that lights up your heart.


MeetSummer now supports iPhone, iPad & Mac, not supports Android or other devices. Please do not download apps from unknown sources.

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Download on the App Store

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Any suggestions, please email me at and I’ll respond as soon as I can!

Thanks for reading, have a good time!